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Move to the new home

October 7th, Morning at half past eight, everyone was ready, seven man-woman strong enough to bring the horses from Vires Animaliae to their paradise! Piet Beerda of Bevetra Horse transport, John Erb, Vitor Pereira of Roof Imobiliária, Ingrid Bongers, Henriette v steeg, Rui Menezes from Barefoot Hoof Care, and Monique Ros!

As first horses got a halter on, and that went pretty quickly, Celeborn got finally a halter with in present as joyful leaping barking dog "Banjer ofcorse". Monique who did put al the hoses the halters on, was a bit nervous how it would go, and how the horses would find their beautiful place!

With great joy she had heard that Piet and John from the Netherlands came to help and Vitor had also arranged a trailer and came over to help, and so it will certainly succeed.

Also with the help of Rui and the three women we did start with the big job!

The first horses were taken and went reasonably well and quickly in the trailer, except that Celeborn was so anxious and John went with him to work, "what a skillful man." Within a short time he received the trust of Celeborn, and eventually he walked with ease into the trailer!

A number of young horses protested quite a lot, and we had to improvise. Commissioned by Piet we packed all the sail what was there, and made a kind of gate. And so they went in the trailer verry wel ...

YAY., butttttt two of them noooo !!

The opinionated Blessed and Liberdade did not join in. They knew always very clever escape the dance. Liberdade dropped down which Monique somewhat startled, again and again she did the same thing and each time the same way she fell down, until Vitor indicated that she was acting like a spoiled little child who did not get her way, Liberdade showed even some fun to keep us fooled! Monique observed obviously, and saw the next time she just let her self fal down and that indeed there was nothing going on, what a clever little horsie! Eventually the men grabbed her by the head and her ass and put the trailer in, "though no violence," just like a very naughty child points her the way, and l mumbling and rather indignant she stood where she had to be in the trailer!

Then, with a few little obsticles are all horses loaded! What a job nevertheless, and very nice that the men were present otherwise we had three days thinking done about ;-)

The trip went well until we were about 4 km to the place where wires were hanging over the road where the great transport vehicle could not go under. Rui and Vitor were there and had a gread plan, haaa sooo nice! Stand on a container and with a pitchfork then the wires holding up "and hope that no electricity or so on it."

Piet also needed to turn his car, because there was nowhere else a place to turn the big truck! Monique walked in frond of the truck and Piet drove over 3 km backward, what a whopper! Drops of sweat ran by Monique of her head, it was hot. The days before it was raining like the shower was open, and is now called suffocate. Monique said not grumble to hirself, we're almost there ... almost there ... BUT NOT YET COMPLETELY.

Nooo we had walk with the horses for abouth 1km on a sandy road which the left site had no fence, and many wonderful things to see was for the horses, namely GRAS and GRAS haha! Another challenge!

Eve ahead with Monique and the rest was led by Rui, Ingrid, Vitor and Henriette! Piet took care with John that the rest of the horses were unloaded, and the herd of horses followed with Celeborn and Fleur as last came out of the trailer. The lead mare and the to advance Stallion. They were held by John and Piet to let everything go calm , how beautiful it was!

Vitor had at that time the trailer with Yendis and Awoke already put on the mountain and when we gave the horses the freedom in the new place, they left the two also free. John walked to the center of the land with Celeborn, and still held a him moment until Fleur saw him in the distance and ran in his direction, the whole herd followed her, and then let Celeborn free to unite with his flock! Also Yendis Awoke from Laurinda from the Netherlands moved to the herd. So beautiful to see, it moved us!

It was a hectic day, which went very well, and bring the horses to the new place! An adventure in itself, as the young horses had never been in a trailer and some of them were very naughty. Puc also had a hard time to go into the trailer, but eventually it all went very well.

Piet had to go to Spain in the afternoon, what a job this man has done again for our foundation Vires Animaliae, and what a “great respect” for his work with the horses!

John stayed a night in Evora, and together we have with Henriette and Ingrid, who had cooked delicious the evening spent. Of course the day was spoken! The skills, insight and peace of John has also helped us tremendously when transferring the horses!

Vitor is the man who have searched the place and found one for the animals of Vires Animaliae, and Monique, which is within the budget of the organization! It can be seen in his handling of the animals during the transfering, that his love also goes to the horse world! With ease and composure he went with the horses, as if it's his day job! Rui, Ingrid and Henriette have where necessary, always attended, and all matters regulated what we did not notice during the day! How good care of the eyes and hands have at heart working dear friends!

After a few hours came the horses with flowing manes, and happy moving bodies up to the hil to drink! Then many of them fall gently to the ground and rolled through the sand! Celeborn and his buddy Stream showed us how happy they were, by showing comfort and binding behavior to us, how beautiful it can be, and how warm your heart can become by see this beauty and happyness "Very warm"

The thanks goes to all of you, it means a lot, horses and Monique are now in a place where they experience harmony and peace, what was really needed!

The foundation with her animals, adoptive parents, partners and friends of Vires Animaliae can be now grow, and do what they want to convey, from heart energy! All horses needs an adoptive parent - partner, starting at € 2.50 per month you can become adoptive partner, just take a look at our site! Thank you! The strength of the Animal Kingdom! vires Animaliae

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