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TwoWay Movement, What "Else"

TwoWay movement, What “Else”

Are you too long on the same track, and you want to step to a other track!? Do you like to receive new insights and want to grow as a person, in any form whatsoever, then TwoWay Movement a good option for you.

We as a team of Vires Animaliae train people who come here, with the horses, the horses serve as an example and guide!

Everything is about, clarity, and a form of leadership that is the result of your personal value and vision of this moment. This is not achieved by enforcing against the natural way within yourself or outside yourself, but by making use of your personal qualities, and those of the outside world in harmony!

What and where is your power? Are you a leader of your own life? Are you respectful with yourself?

To be with the herd of horses, you will be faced gently with your inner self, in the moment now. You wil clearly see and experience where you are standing now, and you will clearly see after some days, whether a new track wil be the good step, and if so what track you can go to!

We, the herd of hores form Vires Animaliae are ready to see you!

From day 1, we will pick you from your track of the present, and take you into the world of horses and their harmony. Pretty soon things will become clear as: Where are you now, and where you want to go. By using our knowledge and experience, we can assist you, and help you in this wonderful process of 5 days.

We will use the language of the horses when we step in their world. Horses have a large social sensitivity and awareness. They feel at a distance the mental and physical status of each creature and respond accordingly. Monique will teach you the basics of the language of the horses, and during the acquisition of this knowledge we slowly step in to the world of the herd. By deploying the horses as examples, and Monique as a translator, we will gain insights that can help you and/or make you grow.

Are you afraid of horses, we take this into account! Also, with fear you can enter the world of horses.

Bibiane will help you to make your obstacles visible . Often we talk about the leadership in any shape or form. Leadership is the result of your personal values and vision, and it may be possible that these may be adjusted.

Leadership is certainly not a "position" but is choosing to take your responsibility and start with devoloping yourself.

Bibiane has the capacity to bring these issues into motion, and then with commitment from yourself to use the power that is going to ensure that you can achieve your goal-theorems!

Rietske can assist in making the conection with your body, your own deepest self, and your original harmony and balance. By uncovering and clearing emotional blockages and integrating acquired insights, you can let your own strength stream. The sound healing (that work with acoustic instruments such as singing bowls, didgeridoo, drums, rattles, sansula, and the human voice), we can become aware of present disharmonies, and the organism will be invited to come back to its original frequency, whereby a healthy reconstruction is possible.

These are 5 intensive fine, beautiful and earnful days!

Come and join us, you're worth it ...

Do want to know When, where and the costs, download the pdf on the page TwoWaymovement.

We wil see you in September!

Bibiane, Rietske en Monique

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