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Journey of horses Roos with son Stunner and Lynn.

Our wish becomes reality.

Organization Vires Animaliae adopted Roos. She came here temporarily 2 years ago with 6 other horses because they were found on the street by the municipality of Evora.These horses came for adoption by the municipality and therefore it was a possibility that she would be split from the voal, when she become adopted and already has the voal in the time she was up here.

Monique, who communicates with animals, saw that she would have a foal in a day ore 2 and started a conversation with Roos. Roos her wish was not to be again separated from a child of her, and that was the reason that we have adopted her straight away as Non-profit organization. After the papers were signed for adoption, her son Stunner was born the next day.

We knew they could not forever remain here and we have, when Stunner was six months old, put Roos up for adoption with her son Stunner. Of corse with the understanding that they would stay together, as we had promised her that.

Time passed and there were mostly people who wanted to adopt Roos alone, but as a organisation we didn't do that because we stayed true to our promise to Roos and Stunner.

Then the moment came that a loving woman wanted to adopt them together, and she wanted to give a house for life. She has been here in February a few days to see and feel who they were, and immediately there was a click.

So happy we where all of us.

Lynn is a horse born here, from the outbreak of the horses of the neighbors in the Netherlands. She was born on the same birthday as Monique and that was a very big gift for Monique who, when she was little , always would like a horse as a birthday gift.

With Lynn it went very well in the beginning until the hot long summer of 2017 was there . Together with Vlinder, Nevyn and Star, they are the horses that can’t handle the heat very good from that moment on. The then become thinner and weaker, especially at July and august.

Then Lynn last year become very ill, a viral infection or tic disease made sign that she was ill. After a lot of care and great help from our Vet Antonio, and Marjolein van Leeuwen Vet of Classic Homeopathy for animals, Lynn recovered visibly. In Lynn's interest, we have also put Lynn for adoption, thinking that it is much better for her to go to a colder country than here. This also applies to Vlinder, Nevyn and Star.

When Hilda was here with her friend Sonja to look at Roos and Stunner, there was a huge click with Lynn too, and Hilda decided to adopt Lynn too.

Quite frankly, it was pretty a take in for Monique, who really has a very special relationship with Lynn, and adoption suddenly became reality.

We did a lot of care to make sure that Lynn became thicker and stronger in 3 months so that she could be transported, and we succeeded with a lot of attention. Permission was granted after thorough examination by our Vet 4 days prior to departure, to traveling. Roos and Stunner were also approved for transport.

And then suddenly the day arrives when they leave, what a mixed feeling is that, so beautiful, but also saying goodbye.

We put them in the hands of Piet and Alina from Bevetra Horse transport Worldwide, who always do the transport of horses for us who travel to their new home. The good and loving care en route from Piet and Alina is so wonderful and good that only this option is possible for the adoption horses that have to be transported. We are quite strict about that, but that is also in the interest of the well-being of the horses.

In the little video at the end below, you can see how the trip went ,how well the care is on the way and on arrival, where the little son Cornelis van Piet and Alina proudly helps with unloading Lynn .

Then how wonderful it is to see the animals coming home at their new loving home to Hilda, her husband and beautiful horse Chief. They are doing well, we have already received many photos and videos last week, so great.

That's what we do it all for , with passion and love for the animals.

A gift, the photo from Gaele (son of Piet and Alina) and Lynn touches Monique in the heart. The softness of the wonderfull child with his hand stroking Lynn's face, and Lynn intense looks at him, and there is a great exchange of energy at heart level. It tells Monique 1000 words.

Do you also want to adopt a horse from Vires Animaliae and give a horse a new home for life, check out the site of the horses for adoption, or maybe come over and take a look up here if there is such a great click with one of the adoption horses.

If you want this good transport for your horses, contact Piet or Alina.

If you want to have your animal treated with homeopathy, contact Marjolein v Leeuwen The Netherlands.

Look and enjoy the little movie below...

Love from all the shelter animals, our team and Monique

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