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2 Volunteers via the WorkAway organisation

On April 3th, Adam came over, and Kiki came April 23th

Described very briefly ...

Young people who travel through the WorkAway organization to other countries and work as volunteers everywhere, to get to know other people and to go there where help is needed.

Adam, who is very handy, has worked a lot outside, helped build with the little vegetable garden, much repaired work and cleaning the little shed where the wood and tools are, and we are very happy with it. Every day they both went more times a day for a walk with the horses who needed it, especially Lynn and Love, and after being here for a while also with our sweet wolfdog Flox.

Adam really did like to walk with the wolfdog Flox, who first allowed nothing from Adam and Kiki, but with patience they became close friends after a few weeks.

Flox showed very clearly that ' wanting ' does not exist in his ideas, everything is allowed, nothing is necessary. If he doesn't want contact, it won't happen either. By initially letting him basically alone, and to share your food with him you start to build the band with him. Slowly he starts to feel that it is safe with you and takes a step closer.( Flox has about 80% of wolf in him) Then comes the moment that he suddenly touches your foot or your hand, a very special moment. The basis of trust has been created after some time, but still need a lot of patience with the contact. The two young human beings did it very well, he really enjoyed their presence, the hugs, the play and the walks the made with him.

At some point, Adam set off with him very early every morning , and they returned after a long walk, with a big smile on their faces.

Adam has also made it finally happen that our site is completely in English now, he is from England and together we went through the text, and he translate it, we are also very happy with that of course.

Kiki did a lot in and around the house, and that came in handy, since I myself was sitting with my broken hand and could hardly do anything. So happy she did all that work for us. She also cooked with great regularity delicious meals, and also made a big pot of humus for us, so good, we loved it. Kiki told, the time she walks with the horses was a meditation time for her, because they were out here walking across the path `occasionally a car came across, so she keep watching what is happening, (be in the moment) and of course some fresh air.

The horses enjoyed these walks and Kiki and the horses Love and Lynn also came back with a smile on their faces when they did the long walks.

Being together with the animals in nature gives a lot of peace and tranquillity. We have also done training, as learning to recognize energy fields from themselves, and entering the energy field of the animals, observation from a distance, and respect the personal space of another being. The first steps of the Infinity training with horses was also great fun and eventually Adam stepped on Yendis and made contact from his body with the body from Yendis. Beautiful moments.

I Monique and all the animals greatly enjoyed their presence, it was real helpful, and there was mutual respect and peace in the house. They are two special people who did not know each other, and both with a lot of knowledge of their own, which we shared, and I learned a lot from them. It worked out well, I was with a broken hand and suddenly there is help in all areas, and really very cozy and nice.

They are very welcome when they want to come back again, we'll see .

Hereby a short video with some wonderful images that give an impression of their presence.

Dear Adam and Kiki thank you so much for all the work done, nice food, nice conversations and nice presence.

With love Monique and all the care take animals.

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