Vires Animaliae has a number of wishes for better care of the animals, and a strong foundation here in Portugal

  • A barn for the winter months for the somewhat weaker horses. See pdf for details. €4400 

  • A Tractor - €3500

  • A pool for the horses, 2400,- 

  • Splitting the land with fences 

  • Grass seeds 4500,- 

  • A Quadbike to bring food and hay over the land - €2500

  • 1 time big truck of hay - €2805

Below is the plan for splitting the land and the pool, why, and what do we need.

Who can help us with this wishes?

And orcorse we always can use, sadles, halters-bitles, blanceds, bruches, food, hay and all you can think of, a horse needs.

Desire for land split and pool

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Thank a lot in name of the animals and Team Vires Animaliae

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