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Vires Animaliae has a number of wishes for better care of the animals, and a strong foundation here in Portugal

  • A barn for the winter months for the somewhat weaker horses. See pdf for details. - €4400 

  • A Tractor - €3500

  • A pool for the horses, 2400,- 

  • Splitting the land with fences 

  • Grass seeds 4500,- 

  • A Quadbike to bring food and hay over the land - €2500

  • 1 time big truck of hay - €2805

And orcorse we always can use, sadles, halters-bitles, blanceds, bruches, food, hay and all you can think of, a horse needs.

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We keep you informed of developments on our FaceBook page and on the site. Would you like to occasionally receive our newsletter, please fill in your details on the homepage.

Thank a lot in name of the animals and Team Vires Animaliae

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