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We take care of animals, usually horses, that are mentally and/or physically damaged and are no longer welcome by their owners. We give these animals a second chance by placing them in a more natural environment. We providing them with food that matches the nature of the horse and by giving them training and personal guidance. If necessary, we also call in the help of other highly skilled care providers. The animals that stay at Vires Animaliae need and receive this expert and loving guidance!

Adopt horses and dogs!

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Liberdade, Celeborn en Star
Carolyn Resnick en Monique
Happy Lady Joy
happy King
Cursisten theorie
Star en Liberdade
Puc en Stream
Cursisten tijdens lunch

Friends of Vires Animaliae


To continue to give the animals what they need, and to grow as a non-profit organization, we need all your help! To give shape to that, we opted also for 'Friends of Vires Animaliae'


A large part of the proceeds from the training and/or activity planned by us goes to the animals that live here. Other people can also give training with our animals. You can see more options to become friends of Vires Animaliae in the pdf below, which you can download.

On the Friends page of friends you can see which companies, organizations and freelancers are already friends.


Do you also want to become Friends of Vires Animaliae and give trainings with the animals up here, and / or just share your own knowledge and / or just support us where needed, please send us an email

For more information about "how do I become friends of V.A." see this pdf






Become a friend of Vires Animaliae

What does that mean?!


  • You have a beautiful location to give training.

  • You can share your knowledge here with whom you want

  • You have lovely animals to work with

  • You enjoy beautiful nature

  • You also have overnight accommodation for your customers on site

  • You may write a blog at least once a year, and not to forget..

  • You help to support the wonderfull shelter of the animals of Vires Animaliae!

  • It gives you a very nice feeling.








As an adoption partner, you take on the financial care of one of the horses or dogs that reside here together with others. With your fixed monthly contribution as an adoptive parent you structurally contribute to the care and recovery of the animals. You can adopt from € 3.30 per month.

Do you only want to adopt 1 horse - dog in your name?

the cost is € 80 per month for a horse and €30,- for a dog.



What do I get as an adoption partner?

• an adoption certificate

• a photo of 'your' jointly adopted animal

• Adoption news' once a year

• much gratitude from the animals

• discount on various training courses and workshops.

Several adoption partners are needed for the precious care of the animals.
Your adoption is therefore symbolic. Together with other adoption partners you contribute to the care of all animals in the 'your' animal group.

We and the animals thank you for your monthly support.

A one-time gift is of course also very welcome, all the little ones make the big difference.
With these funds we can also ensure that the natural environment for these animals can be adjusted and maintained sustainably.

If you want to stay informed about the progress, enter your details on the homepage and we will accept you as a Vires Animaliae customer. As an adoption partner you will receive a discount on various training courses and workshops. Monique Ros is happy to tell you in a personal interview what the significance can be for animal welfare.

You want to donate and / or adopt a horse - dog:

t.n.v Vires Animaliae
IBAN: NL02RABO0128355948

Bank name: RABOBANK GROEP te EPE the Netherlands


If you want to adopt a horse - dog from a distant, please choose from the list which horse - dog you want to adopt and complete the adoption form for us and mail it to We will then link you to the animal of your choice, and you will receive your adoption certificate by return.



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