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Cursisten theorie

Coaching with the horses!

Bibiane Ros: With the help of Bibiane, and her many years of experience managing more than 60 volunteers in a large organization and her work as a Mental Health Coach, she can help you identify blockages, make them visible and get them moving so that goals come within reach and can be achieved with the strength and dedication of yourself!

Monique Ros: With the help of the knowledge of Monique, her many years of entrepreneurship, reintegration work in her old position, horse trainer, animal translator and coach with horses, she can support you. By watching along with the horses, she can also quickly see who you are and where you are now. Together we can get your goals clear, and then you can achieve them, with the insights you have received from the horses during these days.

We also work together with other Coaches, who can support you where needed!

Coaching with the horses, named TwoWay Movement, queded by Monique and Bibiane Ros.


Do you feel that you have been on the same track for too long, and would you like to get out of there to start on a different track !?

Do you like to receive new insights?

If you would like to grow as a person in whatever form, then TwoWay Movement Retraet

might be a good option for you.


Everything starts with you!

We are all sometimes in a situation that makes us insecure and / or cloudy. Whatever the situation, you can make a choice to get everything clear. We as a team of Vires Animaliae offer the people who come over asistence with help of the horses.The horses of Vires Animaliae serve as an example and guidance in all coaching work.


Everything is about clarity, and where we stand on the step of the Organic ladder. The step we stand on and / or want to achieve is not achieved by enforcing it in a unnatural way, but by making use of your personal qualities. 

What are your strenghts, and how can you bring them out?

Do you have insight into yourself and your own life?

Do you treat yourself with respect?


By sharing time with horses, you will be softly confronted with your self, which makes room for you to come to yourself in the moment now. By clearly seeing yourself and experiencing it brings clarity as to where you are now, and whether you go to a new track and which track you can / may walk. Perhaps experiencing is already enough.


The horses is seen as an "example" in our training sessions, as they have a great sensitivity. They can show you who you are in a very short period of time, and provide you with suggestions to continue!



Who is this for?


  • It may be that you are completely done to sit at home without work, and keep walking hopelessly on the same track!

  • You may not know what makes you happy anymore, and looking for your heart connection!

  • You may want to make clear where you are now and what your strength is.

  • It may be that you just need a little push to walk on the other track that you have been thinking about for a while.

  • It may also be that you just want to relax. Want to observe the horses as an example, and silently want to discover, oversee, and process your insights with the horses

  • It is also a great challenge for teambuilding

  • Reintegration process.

Almost anything is possible with Coaching of the Horses. At Private Coaching, we put together a plan of approach that is entirely in line with your personal question. "The horses are happy to help you!"

Through this link you can read a story about a young woman who has been together for a while with Monique and the horses of Vires Animaliae. We share out of respect for the people who come no stories, it is very private what happens and what they go through. Sometimes they write a piece and we share it on our FB site. Powerful young woman. GGNet Herstelverhaal Shanien.


Duration and costs:

Coaching with horses

TWM Coaching with horses

TWM Retreat:


You are between 1 - 5 days in Portugal, in Nossa Senhora de Machede, to receive coaching from the horses, or to undergo a retreat with the horses. Coaching program, or a retreat is included, lunch, coffee, tea.


Passage takes place with at least 4 participants!

Accommodation can be arranged close to the location in a few beautiful B&B locations!


4 days € 1080, - a minimum of 4 participants


Costs for private training and / or coaching of Monique and the horses, of 1 or more days, will be discussed.


For longer courses, Team building, private coaching of the horses and Monique, or possibly other options with the TWM training, you can submit a proposal / question and request a quote from us.


Flight to / from Portugal (Lisbon) and transportation to Location is not included. Favorable tickets / flights can be booked via Ryanair and Transavia, among others.


The TWM and TWM Retreat training was developed by Monique Ros and Bibiane Ros!

Private coaching is only with Monique and the horses!


Our team and the horses are looking forward to meeting you!

If you not can pay this, and you realy want to join, look at the PDF what can be posible for you. 




Bibiane and Monique

Bedankt voor uw bericht, jouw gegevens zijn verzonden! We komen zo spoedig mogelijk bij jou terug met antwoord!

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