CONSULT - READING ore online Coaching.

Dear all

Monique have over 17 years experience in communicating with animals, and invite you to contact us when you have questions regarding your animal! Also coach Monique people, that can by a recent photo of yourself, and your questions via e-mail, or a personal consultation via Skype. 

We ( Monique) give also education in how to become a animal communicator, for more details abouth the courses plaese sent us a mail!


 How can you ask a consultation - reading?

Having problems with your animal (s), or just need some help with some questions, then Monique can give you a private consultation.
Which can be by mailing two photos, one of front view and one side view of the animal in concerned.

First you can use the contact form down at this page, for asking for a consultation, and we wil answer this as soon as posible with information what to do, to resieve the consultation!
You will receive an email from Monique to pay for the consultation.
You can use the paypal button and the payment directly goes to Vires Animaliae. We wil sent this to Monique and she can begin the consultation, ore sent you a mail.

It can be that Monique needs to have a call with you during the contact with the animal. She then give her skypname of mobile number to contact by Whatsapp.  We can call by skype to a house phone, but also call by Whatssap

The first consultation takes about 1 to 1.5 hours and costs € 50, -
Then, the following consultation costs € 54, - per hour.

For human, the cal wil costs 27,- per 30 minuts

All payed in front, in consultation with us, ore Monique

Do not hesitate to sent us a message!

With love Team Vires Animaliae









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