Adoption animals who looking for a new home.


Son of Vlinder and haflinger father Quin. He will be 4 years old this year and he is very sweet and could become a wonderful ponny for children to connect and possibly to ride.

He can walk along with a halter,he had no futher training. We look for Nevyn a realy loving for ever home where he can develop as a ponny. He certainly cannot handle pressure, so there must be a lot of patience to teach him things. But he wil give the owner a lot of wonderful good energy. He is realy special.

Vlinder, Fleur's daughter. Her name is Vlinder because she is very sensitive and submissive. She has been with her mother for 3 years and also drunk. Now, due to the outbreak to the horses of the neighbors in the Netherlands, she has had a foal and is free of her mother. She remains very soft and submissive, which means that we don't use her that much. She is doing well in coaching work and is a good observation horse because of her submissive behavior in the herd. The problem is that Vlinder can not adapt the hight temperatures in Portugal and loses weight every summer. The best for Vlinder is been adopt before summer starts. 

Djawé: son of Ayla.

Djawé is a young haflinger stallion from 10-7-2014, almost 4 years young.
His mother Ayla is a breed draft horse Haflinger, registered with the KVTH
His father is unknown.

Djawé lives in the herd from his birth and is not trained. He can walk along with a halter, and be approachable.

As curious as he is at many moments, he also sometimes shows moments of shyness - embarrassment. He is good in the herd with all the horses and that shows us that he can adapt well. The new car taker will also be able to bring Djawé to great heights with loving attention, protection and training.

Adoption horse Snoopy
Snoopy is about 7 years, we have taken care of 31-3-2017 because nobody wanted him. He is found along the road where he has walked alone for a long time. He is a stallion who knows what he wants, and can be very naughty. Meanwhile he is used to be here and can easily walk with a halter. He is still a bit scared, and especially when you come with your hands to his head. Quiet approach works best at Snoopy. We actually find it difficult to give Snoopy for adoption, as he is not yet completely healed of what he has experienced, but on the other hand it would be good for him to find protection with a young human, whe he can be friends with for life. According to data he has been ridden, but will be able to experience this again in training, as he did not have any training here. It is really a Snoopy.

Geadopteerd, adopted 

Adoption horses Mother Rose and son Stunner. In February 20217 there were temporarily 7 adoption horses from the municipality of Evora at Vires Animaliae. The animals were left behind and needed help. They came quite quickly for adoption and where adopted soon. We saw that Rose was pregnant and had our thouths abouth that. It could happen that mom and foal would be split by adoption, which in our view was not good for Rose and foal. So we as an organization then decided to adopt Rose from the municipality, and take care, so that mommy Rose, and a few days later Son Stunner could stay together for a longer time. Meanwhile, we are more than 14 months further, and now they can go to a new house, where together they can still be together for a while.

Rose to our experience 13 years young, is very calm and very sweet. According to the data ridden, but need again in training, because she has done nothing for a long time up here.
Stunner is a young 15 months old stallion who is easy to approach, but has had no training. He is sometimes a bit insecure, but good to cuddle, and he would like to learn when we do little things with him. With ease he jumps over the fence here if he wants to stand at the house.
Stunner can still learn everything in mutual respect. We would appreciate it if he could still spend a year with his mom Roos. and with some other horses. He connects very well with the whole group here, so he can do well with other horses. The choice for the new owner must be made, to castrate him, or give a castration injection if he is placed in a herd with mares.


 STAR: Star is a cross between Apaloose mother and we don't know who the father is. Height 156. He is a stallion and almost 6 years old, very sweet and easy. He is still stallion, and has to gain weight. He can't handle the heat up here in the summer and then he loses weight.

Star is soft and sweet and can be trained with him in a loving way. Star always comes when there are people taking a look and likes the attention we give him. He is powerful in energy and can help with healing humans, in our vision. He needs adoption place he can do the healing work and coaching work and even a bit of riding in future.

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With love from the shelter animals and the team.

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