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What do we learn from the animal kingdom at

Vires Animaliae®

Vires Animaliae is an organization for humans and animals, which in Latin means "the Power of the Animal Kingdom" is a Non-profit organization that gladly takes you to the world of animals in their authentic being.


The goal and the vision of the organization is:

We take care of animals that are mentally or physically damaged, are no longer welcome by their owners, or have been given up by veterinarian healthcare. These animals need expert and loving guidance. We provide this guidance by placing the animals in a more natural environment, providing them with food that matches the biology of the horse and by providing them with specific training and personal guidance.

Giving the animals a natural environment so that they can be who they are again, so as to return to their authentic self. The herd of horses live in freedom, on a large estate, where they are together as a family. Birth control is done, but every now and then foals are born that stay in the herd until they clearly start to distance themselves from the regular group.

To provide human insight through various training courses and / or various Coaching programs with these animals as an example. It is also possible here to observe the herd as a school of learning how horses actually live in a herd with their children big and small, rather than, behavior, body language and mutual communication.

These insights provide you with tools for working with animals in harmony. Also for resolving any stagnations between you and your animal, and whether in your daily life or at work level.

Our organization is therefore two-fold. Taking care of animals and making people aware of "the power of the animal kingdom".





Want to become friends of Vires Animaliae?

     Consultation Reading

Do you want a consult reading for yourself or an animal, go to the page Consultation.

De Kracht van het Dierenrijk


You can adopt a horse so that you become an adoption partner. You thereby help the animals to stay at Vires Animaliae and thus have a good home with loving care. For you, it provides various discounts and a good feeling! Use the donate button if you want to pay via PayPal, or deposit into our account that is stated on this page in red. Thank you.

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Training and Coaching of the horses

Vires Animaliae provides various trainings, courses and workshops that are in line with our goal and vision. We work for different target groups and have several teachers and coaches !! Below you can see, among other things, which training courses we provide and what information you can find on our site. by clicking on the underlined words, you will be taken to the page.

  • Horse and man: Infinity© horse training, Consultation, Coaching of the Horses.

  • Young and ld:  "IK"

  • From 16 years: Retreat

  • Youth: With and between the horses,

  • Kids: Learn how horses speak while playing

  • Kids: children's parties with the horses

  • Companies: team building with horses "Two way movement ©"

  • Education: Translation for animals, Infinity horse training, Coaching with horses.

  • Lectures, presentations: energy work - Infinity horse training - horse language - telepathy - Natural hoof care, Translation for animals and Coaching the horses and Monique.


The Vires Animaliae team is ready for you!

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